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Moving to a new home?

Spring has arrived, and we enter the most popular time of year for people to start the process of moving to a new home.

The longer lighter days with warmer weather means that it is a perfect time to address all the tasks required when moving home.

We can be with you every step of the way helping with those time-consuming tasks so often involved when moving to a new house.

The beginning

Prior to putting a house on the market, it is wise for the homeowner to undertake one or two activities to make their home more appealing, it will sell faster and could add value.

  • De clutter – sort the items which have culminated over the years, the viewers can visualise the space much better if they don’t have to look at a room full of toys abandoned by your 24-year-old son many years ago! They will be able to visualise easier what their things will look like if they choose to buy the house if the space is clear. By decluttering you will also make the space appear larger and more appealing. Nb. it is always wise to keep some of your personality, it will give unimaginative buyers suggestions as to what they might do with your space.
  • You may want to move some larger items into storage. Perhaps you are downsizing? You may want to just keep what you will need in the new house – Why move things just to dispose of them from your new home?
  • Your home may require a fresh lick of paint or a new carpet, spending a bit of money on your home is a worthwhile investment to secure a sale.
  • Curb appeal – has your home got curb appeal? Does your garden let you down? Do you have last year’s Christmas tree in the garden? Broken pots containing dead plants, any household items stored in the garden until you have time to go to the tip? Broken bikes and patio furniture?

How can we help at the beginning?

  • We offer a fast, efficient rubbish clearance service from removing bags of items to the charity shop, to taking larger items to the tip. Our simple and affordable solution is just the thing for you. We can take items to storage facilities and responsibly dispose of old carpets, tins of paint and all your garden rubbish.
  • Our two-man truck teams operate across Bury, Bolton, Blackburn, Manchester and beyond and are fully trained to remove almost all types rubbish from your property.

The move

  • Once you have completed all the necessary paperwork and the moving day is in the diary, we suggest one or two things which could make the move go smoother.
  • If you are packing yourself – label all boxes with a list of the contents and colour code them according to the room they are going in – this makes it easier at the other end. Try labelling each side in marker so you can easily find what you need in a stack.
  • Keep an overnight bag separate with your wash kit etc in so at least you can put your hands on your tooth brush after a long day.
  • Allocate a box for essentials – anything you might need on moving day: cleaning supplies, light bulbs, toilet paper, bin bags, phone charger etc
  • Find a pet sitter for the day if necessary

How we can help with the move

  • We offer a fast, efficient clearance and removal services at a competitive price
  • This multi service facility results in a much less stressful and cost-effective experience. Why spend excessive time and money dealing with multiple contractors to move or clean a property when Spotless removals can provide you with a one stop shop?

Settling in

This very much depends on whether you plan to do any initial decorating, renovations or changes to your new home.

  • We suggest unpacking systematically, dismantling and tidying packing materials as you go.
  • First on the list should be to get the bedrooms sorted and the beds made up so at least you know there will be somewhere to sleep at the end of the day.
  • Most people like to get at least one room sorted so they have a retreat to escape to.
  • The kitchen is high on the list of priorities too, if you are taking your own fridge it needs to be plugged in as soon as possible to allow time to settle.

How we can help

Once we have safely moved all your possessions we can be on hand to remove any unwanted items left by the previous owner, and any packing materials once finished with. What could be better than having all the surplus taken away leaving your new home clutter free and you ready to settle in, in your own time.

Contact us today we can give you a fast quote and offer any advice regarding our services you require.

garden clearance services

Does your garden need a little help?

As we gradually fight our way out of Winter and into Spring – fingers crossed – a lot of us will discover that our gardens are in need of a little love and attention.

Does your garden still have all that rubbish piled up at the back which you meant to get rid of but never got round to? Are there a lot of overgrown areas that really need ripping out and cleaning up? Is there garden waste that really needs to go?

If the answer to any of these is yes, then Spotless are ready to jump into action. Our garden clearance service can transform your garden quickly and efficiently, with everything taken away in an environmentally friendly and responsible way.

Don’t put it off – call us today, because summer is just around the corner and a new and improved garden awaits.

Contact us now or call 0161 764 7447

Autumn Clearance

The end of the summer brings the arrival of the darker evenings, autumn and winter months and days spent inside. Traditionally September is the time to ‘put the garden to bed’ for the winter months. Time spent now tidying and pruning any top-heavy, overgrown shrubs, lifting unwanted plants, sweeping leaves etc. will pay dividends in the spring. The accumulation of garden waste, leaves, surplus foliage etc. can mount up.

You may have items of garden furniture which will not survive the ravishes of the winter weather, broken pots, household items which have been ‘stored’ tucked away down a side passage until you had the time or inclination to do a tip run? All these items contribute to an outside area which has become cluttered and unsightly.

Now is the time to contact us – fast, efficient rubbish clearance services, simple and affordable and operating in the Manchester, Bury, Oldham East Lancs area!

Our two man truck teams are fully trained to remove almost all types rubbish from your property. We do all the loading for you, from anywhere on your premises, we’re also very environmentally friendly, disposing of any unwanted commercial and domestic rubbish responsibly resulting in high landfill diversion rates.

So give us a call today and leave the rest to us – you can spend the winter months happy in the knowledge your outside area is ready for the warmer weather next spring! 07753 433 426